Does Board Certification Expire?

Yes, a physician may be certified by multiple boards.

All member boards implemented time-limited certificates around 1990 which require diplomates to renew their certification.

Depending upon the individual board, all diplomates are recertified for a 6 to 10 year period.

How long does ABIM board certification last?

Two-year “Knowledge Check-In”: Take a lower-stakes exam at home, in your office, or at a test center every two years, beginning the year your certificate expires. 10-year Long Format Exam: Take the traditional long-format exam at a test center every 10 years, beginning in the year your certificate expires.

How often do doctors renew board certification?

Most medical specialties granted certification for life until the 1980s; physicians took the exams only once, after completing their training. Over time, most of the 24 specialty boards started requiring recertification every 7 or 10 years.

Is board certification mandatory?

While board certification is not required to practice medicine, it is a valuable tool for determining the expertise and experience of a physician in a particular field of medicine. Every physician is required to be licensed to practice medicine in the state they work.

What is the difference between board certified and board eligible?

“The terms ‘board certified’ and ‘board eligible,’ Johnson says, “are confusing to people not in the medical profession. On completion of residency, doctors must pass a test; if they pass, they are “board certified” in that specialty or specialties (you can be board certified in more than one field).