How Do I Find A Doctor In A New City?

How do I find a new doctor in a new city?

Looking for a New Doctor

  • Talk to your doctor if possible.
  • Ask family members, friends and coworkers for recommendations.
  • Contact your insurance company for a list of health care providers in your area.
  • Contact a local hospital or medical center.
  • Use an online resource, such as

How do I find a new primary care physician?

  1. Here are 10 tips on how to choose the right primary care doctor for you.
  2. Ask around.
  3. Map it out.
  4. Make sure you’ve got coverage.
  5. Do a quality check.
  6. Place a cold call.
  7. Ask about logistics…and consider scheduling an in-person meeting.
  8. Keep your needs in mind.

How do I find a doctor after moving?

Below are a few ways you can find a great family doctor after moving.

  • Ask Your Current Primary Care Physician for Advice.
  • Enlist the Help of Your Insurer.
  • Ask Around at Work.
  • Regional Magazines’ Top Doctors Lists.
  • Read Reviews.
  • Check Doctor Websites.
  • Look at Education and Certification.
  • Call the Doctor’s Office.

How do I find a doctor in my network?

Call your insurance company or state Medicaid and CHIP program. Look at their website or check your member handbook to find doctors in your network who take your health coverage. Ask your friends or family if they have doctors they like and use this tool to compare doctors and other health care providers in your area.