How Much Is Plastic Surgery In The Philippines?

The estimated price ranges from US$800 to US$2300 depending on the specific implant and nose job required.

Nasal hump reduction rhinoplasty costs around US$2850.

Rhinoplasty is the most popular and sought-after cosmetic surgery procedure in the Philippines.

How much is plastic surgery?

Average national costs of popular plastic surgery procedures

Procedure Realself Price
Breast Augmentation $6,450
Eyelid Surgery $4,650
Facelift $12,125
Liposuction $6,025

15 more rows

How much are breast implants in Philippines?

Prices vary widely depending on the nature of your surgery, but in the Philippines breast augmentation costs, on average, around AUD $4,600 (US $3,200, CAD $4,500, £2,300 GBP, €2,900) compared to AUD $16,500 (US $11,500, CAD $16,100, £8,000 GBP, €10,200) in Australia.

How much is non surgical nose lift in Philippines?

The cost of a Non-Surgical Nose Lift procedure starts at P20,000.

How much is plastic surgery in Korea?

An Introduction to Korean Plastic Surgery Prices

Surgeries Easy (From) Hard (To)
Eyelid Surgery $2,000 $4,000
Nose Surgery $4,000 $6,000
Premium Laser Skin Therapy $4,000 $9,000
Female Surgery $4,000 $7,000

8 more rows

Is plastic surgery painful?

All surgeries involve a degree of discomfort and, in many cases, pain. Some surgeries, though, are more painful than others. There are surgeries that may leave you feeling extremely uncomfortable only immediately after the surgery. In other cases, the discomfort lasts for several weeks or longer as you recover.

What is the most expensive plastic surgery?

Some of the most expensive cosmetic procedures in the United States (costs may vary based on location, doctor, and specific procedure) include:

  • Full body lift. Average cost: $20,000.
  • Tummy tuck. Average cost: $7,000 to $12,000.
  • Rhinoplasty. Average cost: $6,000 to $12,000.
  • Facelift. Average cost: $6,000.
  • Breast surgery.