Quick Answer: What Is The Salary Of A Medical Resident?

The average medical resident is earning $61,200 annually, according to Medscape’s Residents Salary and Debt Report 2019, an increase of 3% from the $59,300 they earned in 2018.

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How much does a medical resident make an hour?

Average Total Hourly Cash Compensation

The average hourly rate for Medical Resident ranges from $22 to $28 with the average hourly pay of $25. The total hourly cash compensation, which includes base and short-term incentives, can vary anywhere from $22 to $28 with the average total hourly cash compensation of $25.

What is the salary of a first year resident?

First Year Resident Salaries

Job Title Salary
University of Chicago Hospital Resident In Internal Medicine [1st Post-MD Year] salaries – 4 salaries reported $55,890/yr
MedStar Washington Hospital Center First Year Medical Resident salaries – 4 salaries reported $55,427/yr

17 more rows

Do hospitals make money on residents?

Unlike medical school where the student is paying a tuition for the education, the resident physicians are paid a salary. They are providing valuable work for the hospitals and clinics as they are taking care of patients and providing coverage day and night, weekends and holidays. This salary is about $50,000 per year.

Which residency pays the most?

Here are the 10 highest-paid residencies, according to Medscpae:

  • Medical geneticists: $67,500.
  • Allergy and immunology: $66,500.
  • HIV/Infectious diseases: $66,500.
  • Surgery, specialized: $65,700.
  • Plastic surgery/aesthetic medicine: $65,600.
  • Cardiology: $65,400.
  • Hematology: $65,400.
  • Critical care: $65,300.